Hello Zombies! We are so glad you signed up to join us as zombie extras as The Church Ladies band films scenes for a music video on Zombie Fun Day, Saturday Oct 2! Grr Arrgg!

This page has important updated info about the schedule, your costume/make-up, and other stuff to bring and think about. This info will probably evolve, so be sure the check back as we get closer. The 3 most important things, though, are 1) to please only come if you’re fully vaccinated, 2) to please let us know what you’re bringing for the pot-luck zombie BBQ, and 2) please bring a flexible, happy attitude because its 100% certain that something will go wrong — and that’s totally okay! This is an all-volunteer, far-from-professional production, n, and as long as everyone is up for anything we’ll all be sure to have a great, memorable day no matter what! Hooray!


You’ll be bringing/wearing your own costume — “Low Budget” is in the title of this web series, after all! Here are some notes and ideas:

  1. COMFORTABLE WALKING SHOES (IMPORTANT!): There will be plenty of walking involved – including some lumbering through the woods, and a dirt path with a slope. So please be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots—with comfy socks.
  2. ZOMBIE OUTFIT + REGULAR CLOTHES: Do you have old clothes that look like what a person might be buried in? Maybe an old suit or dress you don’t care about ruining (i.e. ripping up, mud/dirt stains, make-up stains)? Don’t worry if you don’t have something perfect — Perfection is the enemy! Whatever you bring will be fine. Just be aware that being a zombie is a messy life so be sure to wear zombie-clothes you don’t mind ruining, plus maybe a second set of comfortable clothes to change into when we’re done.
  3. MAKE-UP: When you arrive we’ll have some tables set up for simple make-up – ie. maybe some gray/white base and/or dark circles around your eyes. Maybe something more, if you want. Want to help others with make-up? Great! Please text Karen: 508-333-6296


SCHEDULE: These times are approximate, and likely to shift as the randomness of the day’s events unfold:

  1. 10AM – ARRIVE AT 26 LAKE ROAD, WAYLAND, MA: This is Karen & Mark Hughes’s house, a white cape with blue shutters. This will be our zombie home base for the day. Please don’t be way early, as we won’t be ready for you. Please don’t be way late, as we’ll need you there for organizing, make-up, etc. Cars/Parking: Please try to carpool to minimize cars. Park in the street. Please be considerate of our neighbors.
  2. 10 to 11 AM – ORGANIZING, MAKE-UP, BRUNCH, AND JUST GENERAL HELLO-ING: At our house. Eat bagels and other breakfasty/brunchy food while you work on make-up at tables, and otherwise help each other get ready. We’ll make any plan adjustments as necessary. Meet other zombies.
  3. 11 AM to 12PM – ZOMBIE FILMING EVENT #1: NEIGHBORHOOD LUMBERING: We’ll set out from home, lumbering up the road and through several streets in the neighborhood, filming stuff as we go. This will involve walking a total of a mile or so on even road.
  4. 12 to 12:30 – DRIVE TO WAYLAND HIGH SCHOOL (264 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland): Everyone will make their own way to the Wayland High School. It’s a 6 minute drive from our house. Please be generous if others need a ride. There is plenty of parking at the site. We’ll meet near the tennis courts by Old Connecticut Path. Please be courteous to anyone who might be there using any of the courts or other facilities.
  5. 12:30 to 1:30 – ZOMBIE FILMING EVENT #2: WOODS AND PUMP HOUSE: From the tennis court area we’ll lumber together into the woods and up a slope to the Weston Aqueduct and Pump House (not sure if that’s really its name), where we’ll film as the horde traps our heroes and surrounds them, leaving them little hope of escape. Please be aware that this will involve walking a total of 5 minutes or so through a wooded path that will include a short but fairly steep hill.
  6. 1:30 to 2 – RETURN TO HOME BASE (26 Lake Rd, Wayland)
  7. 2 to 3:30 – ZOMBIE FILMING EVENT #3: ZOMBIE DANCE SCENE: Led by our fearless zombie choreographer, Karen (Grr! Argg!), we’ll all learn a very simple zombie dance-step or two (don’t worry! It’ll be super-easy, with very, very low expectations!) and film the horde dancing together in our neighbor Kathy’s backyard and/or maybe in the street (which is a pretty quiet and low-trafficy).
  8. 3:30-ish: ZOMBIE POT LUCK BARBECUE. At 26 Lake Rd, Wayland. Hooray!


  1. If you haven’t let us know what you’ll bring to the pot-luck BBQ, please do so by emailing zombie (at) ChurchLadiesBand.com. (Please bring your own coolers, if needed.) We’ll be grilling burgers and hot dogs.
  2. Please let us know ASAP who else is coming with you if you haven’t already – along with their contact info. It’s important for planning purposes and any last-minute communications.
  3. The afternoon Zombie BBQ is BYOB – so plan/bring accordingly.
  4. Bring bottled water: It’s sure to be a thirsty day for zombies.
  5. Bring bug spray: It’s a buggy world.
  6. If you can/want, bring any fake/plastic hands, arms, etc you might have, for zombies to eat 🙂
  7. If you can/want, bring any extra old zombie-type clothes you might have available to offer to others, if needed.


  • USE YOUR OWN PHONE/CAMERA TO STAGE/FILM FUN ZOMBIE MOMENTS: If you want, you can help us film by staging your own zombie-fun moments (zombie eating a hamburger, zombies lumbering somewhere interesting, whatever you want), filming it on your camera/phone, and sending us the best of whatever you get. If you do, please be sure to set your camera/phone to record in the HIGHEST-DEF setting it can do. And when you send the files, please send the FULL file (i.e. don’t send via text or email). One good and free way to send large data files is via wetransfer.com. You don’t have to sign up for anything, just upload and tell them the email you want to send the data, which is zombie (at) ChurchLadiesBand.com. If we think it’s useable, we’ll put it in the video and give you credit. (But not money! Again, “Low Budget!) Yay!
  • Whatever you’re willing to do to help out on the day is also welcome! Maybe help with table set ups, transportation, and/or whatever else might come up. There’s sure to be stuff to do!


Let is know at zombie (at) ChurchLadiesBand.com

See you on Oct 2! We can’t wait for pine for brains with you! Grr Arrg!