The Church Ladies Are
Chuck Dutton – Guitar, Vocals, Awesome Hat
Beth Fowler – Vocals, Dance
Craig Fowler – Bass, Tech Wizardry, Vocals
Karen Sasky Hughes – Dance, Vocals
Mark Hughes – Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, Toys
Andy McKenna – Guitar, Vocals, Sax
Rachel Muller – Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Spooner – Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Episode 1: Welcome To Our Very Low Budget
Zombie Musical Web-Series Thing
Episode 2: It’s All Good
Episode 3: Alien Song
Episode 4: Make Way For Zombies
Episode 5: Three Endings

All Words & Music By The Church Ladies
Music Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by
CBRockers Studio at the Tavern, Kingston NH
Additional recording on It’s All Good
by Evan Hughes

    Additional Vocals on It's All Good 
    & Three Endings
                    David "Pablo" Cohn      Donna Dutton
                    Zoe Hughes                   Alicia McKenna
                    Thomas McKenna         Tomoyo McKenna
                    Brother Bob Muller     Patti Spooner

Our Tragic Heroes
Daphne Beth
Pete Craig
Frank The Alien Andy, Beth, Mark
Sad Balloon Lady Rachel
Red Dress Lady Karen
Diego The Doomed
Captian Guy Tim
Crazy-Hair Zombie Chuck
Guy In The Car Charlie Ziegler
Mail Carrier Not T.B.A.

Jae Ackert-Reaney Rudy Cepko
Peter Bochner Rebecca Butler
Hernan Carrion Corey Cisneros
Catherine Conte Sharon DuBois
Chuck Dutton Mike Goodreau
Karen Hughes Evan Hughes
Allison LaClaire Lafe LaClaire
Andy McKenna Tomoyo McKenna
Brother Bob Muller Rachel Muller
Cynthia Reehl Steve Robb
Patti Spooner Tim Spooner
Dick Tringale June Tringale
Mike Trogolo Kathy Trogolo
Sonja Younger

John Campbell Craig Fowler
John Henry Jen Fowler
Mark Hughes Lucy Hughes
Zoe Hughes Brother Bob Muller
Steve Robb Patti Spooner
Ryan Keaveney

                 Drone                            John Campbell

Additional Zombie Crew
Donna Dutton Jen Fowler
Lucia Hughes Tia Rodgers

Zombie Make-Up
Catherine Conte Beth Fowler
Karen Hughes Tomoyo McKenna
Patti Spooner

Video Editing
Mark Hughes

Thanks To
John & Ardie Henry
for the use of their barn & property
Mike & Joanne Sargent
for use of their giant anchor & property
John Campbell
for the use of his drone & drone wizardry
WayCam in Wayland, MA
for the use of their equipment,
green screen space & terrific people
Peter DiIanni for his brain
Jay Moody for his brain
Mark Foreman and Ryan Keaveney
for their impressive A.V skills & assistance

No zombies were hurt in the production of this fine film

© 2022 The Church Ladies. All rights reserved.