learn-est thou of the 'Ladies

About us

Who Be-est We

The Church Ladies is a Massachusetts-based rock band that dresses like church ladies and plays fun original music with guitars and ukuleles and whatnot. We’re not religious and neither is our music (we are not disrespectful of religion either). We’re just all about fun. Can I get a hallelujah!?

Our History & Suchlike

And lo! Thusly was it written: There were in those days a great lack of Church Ladies and much suffering. And unto them there came a vision saying, “Let there be The Church Ladies!” And then there-est were The Church Ladies! Still, there was suffering. But maybe not quite as much as before. Maybe. And thenceforth it hath continued since 2002 despite any pleading of neighbors otherwise-eth.

The Point

Good times. Fun. Music. Friends. Family. Occasionally even, arguably, a little debauchery and some zombies. We seek to gig. And gig some more. Contact us. We’ve been known to perform for food. Amen, brethren. And thus we say-eth unto all of youse out there, Amen.

Know-est Thou Some Key Numbers


Hit Songs
Hours Wasted
Pizzas Consumed
$ We Coulda Been Makin' By Doing Something Useful