We'll Clear your lungs | speak in tongues | shake your shoes |rattle your pews

Voted #1 Best All-Original Party Band in the World.

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About us

Who We Are

The Church Ladies is an all-original party band that brings fun to any event. We are not religious. We just dress like church ladies and play rocking, creative music with guitars, drums, vocal harmonies, and other musical toys. Do you have a festival or other event and want to bring in a fun, memorable band that’s easy to work with? Contact us!

Our History

Thusly was it written: There were in those days a great lack of Church Ladies and much suffering. And unto them there came a vision of the Lord saying, “Let there be Church Ladies!” And lo! There were Church Ladies! Still, there was suffering. And it has continued lo these many years since about 2002.

Our Mission

We, the Church Ladies, seek good times through fun music, family, friends, and occasional debauchery (when it is available and not too expensive). Called together by the spirit of…well, whatever spirits Andy happens to have in his fridge, we seek a better world through gigging more. Contact us. We have been known to perform for food. Amen.

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